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Country-Music Songs That Will Never Exist
Everything the Man in This Uber Pool Could Conceivably Be So Angry About

GQ MAGAZINE (selected work)

An interview with Happy Death Day star Jessica Rothe
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An Ode to the Star Wars porgs
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review
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An Interview With Tom Perrotta, Co-creator of The Leftovers
Guessing the Next 20 Years of Fast and Furious Movies
Free Fire Movie Review
What the Hell is El Clásico?
Which Celebrity Do Teens Tweet "Daddy" At The Most?
Leicester City: Why They're the Most Important Story in Sports
Leicester City: Let's Cast the Movie
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The Next Wolverine Movie Sounds Even More Insane Than Your Average X-Men Movie
Portlandia Sketch Write-Up
Daniel Craig Wants to Be James Bond Again (After Not Wanting to Be James Bond Ever Again)
Scary Clowns Claim Another Victim: McDonald's
The New Rogue One Trailer Will Make You Want to Sign Up for the Star Wars
Quentin Tarantino Is Being Very Tarantino About His Next Project


All 8 reviews of Broadchurch Season Three


This Is An Internet Article About How Arnold From ‘Hey Arnold!’ Would Be A Republican And There’s Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me (Headline)
Here Are The Movies That Will Be Good And Here Are The Movies That Will Be Bad (Headline)
7 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Smartphone (Headline/concept)
We Asked 25 Small Business Owners For A Quote About Perseverance And Now Someone Out There Is Killing Them In Sequence (Headline)
A Snake Is Biting Me Right Now. (Headline)
8 Things To Know Before Starting Your Own Business (Headline)


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"Ray Donovan" Recap, Season 4 episode 6
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"Ray Donovan" Season 4 Finale Review
"American Horror Story" Review, Season 6 episode 5


Nigel Farage: The Goblin King Of Brexit


My First, Best Tinder Match
Love Letters At Sea: Dispatches From The S.S. OceanBeatz sponsored by MTN DEW KICKSTART


The Complete Guide To Nicholas Cage
10 More Scientific Inaccuracies in 'Gravity' 


New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets preview